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Seven DC Councilmembers Block Banneker Move to Shaw

Seven is a magic number on the Council, as there are 13 members and a majority is needed to move legislation. There are a lot of parallels between the campaign to keep Shaw and the campaign to keep Old Hardy public. At the core of both is the failure of DCPS and the Mayor to make…

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Can DC’s public schools survive the coming enrollment surge?

Although this Coalition is focused on restoring the Old Hardy School building to public education use, the enrollment projections contained within the Deputy Mayor for Education’s Master Facilities Plan point to a looming crisis that will impact the city as a whole. If you care about the health of the DC public school system, take…

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Hearst PTA Joins Keep Old Hardy Public Coalition

At its April meeting the Hearst Elementary School PTA voted to join the Keep Old Hardy Public coalition. The Hearst LSAT had earlier voted to join. That brings the coalition to twelve members: ANC 3D, ANC 3E, the Palisades Citizens Association, Glover Park Citizens Association, Spring Valley Neighborhood Association, Key Elementary School PTO, Stoddert Elementary…

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DCPS Hasn’t Even Looked into Using Old Hardy

We have often heard it said that “DCPS doesn’t want the building.” We’ve heard it from councilmembers, representatives of non-DCPS city agencies, and many times from representatives or supporters of the Lab School. But there’s one place we’ve never heard it from: DCPS. Last fall we set out to see if DCPS had ever really…

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FCCA Board Backs Lab School Lease

The March, 2019, issue of the Foxhall Community Citizens Association newsletter has a letter from the FCCA Board to the Mayor, saying that they are “very concerned that the present ‘Keep Hardy Public’ effort will lead to driving the current occupant — the LAB School — out of the Hardy School property for no good…

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