Keep Old Hardy Public is a grass-roots initiative of the Palisades Citizens Association, Glover Park Citizens Association, Key Elementary School PTO, Ward 3 State Board of Education, Ruth Wattenberg, The Ward 3 - Wilson Feeder Education Network, and community members concerned about the health of DC public education.




In addition, these individuals are supporters of the principle of keeping Old Hardy for public use:

Daniel Balserak

Brian Bennett

Molly Bergamo

Lisa Bodager

Tricia Braun

Jessi Cates-Bristol

Marie Collins

Jessica Davis

Marie Emanuel

Elham Dehbozorgi

Tricia Duncan (President, Key PTO)

Adam Entenberg

Matthew Frumin

Avi Green (President, Palisades Citizens Association)

Heather Gustafson

Alan Karnofsky (ANC 3D05)

Jack Koczela

Troy Kravitz (ANC 3D02)

Jessica Long

Ellen Maxwell

Lisa McCluskey (President, Stoddert PTO )

Jennie McDonnell

Kevin McDonnell

Melody Molinoff

Michelle M. Mundt

Abi Paulsen

Karin Perkins

Ignacio Martinez Plaza

Clair Quirke

Shoshana Rosenbaum

Leslie Sargent

Stephanie Schott

Natalie Silverman

Sarah Shah

Bill Slover

Laura Slover

Michael Sriqui (ANC 3D04)

Arden Staroba

Frank Staroba

Hannah Traul

Howard Traul

Ross Vann

Ruth Wattenberg (DC State Board of Education, Ward 3)

Tilman Wuerschmidt

Angus Worthing

Brett Young

To learn more or to join your name to the list of community members who want to Keep Old Hardy Public, email us at KeepOldHardyPublic@gmail.com.