New Master Facilities Plan has dramatically higher enrollment projections for Wilson, Key, Mann

In November 2018, the office of the Deputy Mayor for Education released a Master Facilities Plan with ten-year enrollment projections. On March 24 they released an updated plan.

The 2027 projection for Wilson HS has been raised from 2,100 to 2,309. This is more in line with what the DC Auditor has been projecting, and represents 26% growth over ten years, which is consistent with the rest of the feeder pyramid. That 2,100 always seemed suspiciously round.

The 2027 projection for Key has been raised to 580 from 527 in the original. The projection for Mann has been raised to 555 from 501. 
Stoddert’s projection for 2027 is unchanged at 554. 

This website is highly reliant on enrollment projections to make our case. We will be updating the text to reflect the new projections over the next few days.

The new plan is here.

The original plan is here.

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