Can the Nearby Elementary Schools be Expanded?

Both Key and Stoddert Elementary currently use trailers to accommodate crowding; Mann Elementary completed an expansion in 2016 and is already at capacity.

The 2018 DME Master Facilities Plan includes scheduled allocations of $25 million dollars each for future renovations to Key (in 2020-22) and Stoddert (in 2023-24).

Key and Stoddert each currently have six classrooms in portable trailers. The renovation funds earmarked in 2018 will be used to add permanent capacity at the 2018 enrollment level. By 2022, each school will have about 55 more students, and by 2027 each will have 110 or more additional students — about five classrooms per school. Each school will have to add trailers as soon as the renovations are finished.

Both Key and Stoddert Elementary are situated within dense residential neighborhoods and suffer from access and parking constraints. Key Elementary is additionally disadvantaged by limited grounds.

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