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Archive for February 2019

Get Your Yard Sign!

Fresh from the printer, we have Keep Old Hardy Public yard signs now. To get one, email If you include your address we’ll even deliver and install it.

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Mayor Bowser in the Palisades, Wed. February 27

Mayor Bowser will be conducting a “RESULTS” walk in the Palisades neighborhood on February 27th beginning at 4PM. Many of the District’s Directors and Councilmember Cheh will also attend this walk. The route will begin at Palisades Neighborhood Library and end at the Palisades Recreation Center. As you can see in the attached photo, the…

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Education Chair David Grosso in the Palisades, March 5

At-large DC Councilmember David Grosso will be the featured speaker at the Palisades Citizens Association meeting on Tuesday, March 5. Mr. Grosso chairs the Education Committee of the DC Council, any lease or other disposition of the Old Hardy School will have to pass through his committee. Please come and show your support for keeping…

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Wilson Feeder Pattern Community Working Group on Overcrowding Issues Final Report

On February 8th the Community Working Group on Overcrowding in the Wilson Feeder Schools issued its final report. Co-Chairs Brian Doyle and Melody Molinoff offered the following summary: Nearly all of the schools in the Wilson feeder pattern are currently at or above capacity, and this overcrowding is affecting the educational experience of its students. Looking at a variety of projections…

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Chat w/ Cheh February 23, 2019 @ Compass Coffee

See below from Mary Cheh’s office. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had the opportunity to talk with a few councilmembers, and the question we keep hearing is, “where is Mary Cheh on this issue?”  The culture of the Council is that most members will go along with what the ward representative wants for…

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“Creative solutions with existing space, while perhaps helpful in the short-run, are simply not enough.”

The Community Working Group on Overcrowding in the Wilson Feeder Schools recently issued its final report. Parents and community members on  the working group issued a letter disputing the findings. The letter is  reproduced in its entirety below. It’s an excellent letter, well worth reading. But if you want just the highlights, here’s the key takeaway: “Perhaps the most fundamental conclusion reached by all involved is that creative solutions with existing space, while perhaps helpful in the short-run, are simply not enough.  New schools are needed within the feeder pattern.  From our perspective, this includes at least one new elementary school in each of the Deal and…

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Five and Ten Year Projections for the Wilson Feeder Pyramid

The DME’s Master Facilities Plan contains five and ten year projections for every public school in the city. Here are the projections for the schools that feed Wilson High School.   SY 17-18 SY 22-23 SY 27-28 5-yr 10-yr Oyster (ES) 347 405 473 17% 36% Adams (MS) 330 380 423 15% 28%    …

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Can the Nearby Elementary Schools be Expanded?

Both Key and Stoddert Elementary currently use trailers to accommodate crowding; Mann Elementary completed an expansion in 2016 and is already at capacity. The 2018 DME Master Facilities Plan includes scheduled allocations of $25 million dollars each for future renovations to Key (in 2020-22) and Stoddert (in 2023-24). Key and Stoddert each currently have six…

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